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Board Office Location and Hours: As noted in 21 NCAC 61 .0102: The administrative offices of the North Carolina Respiratory Care Board (NCRCB) are located at: 125 Edinburgh South Drive, Suite 100, Cary, NC 27511. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except North Carolina state holidays.

Public Notice: At the January 8, 2015 meeting, the NC Respiratory Care Board approved a new policy allowing licensees to print their renewal cards. This change will allow you to print your cards. The IT Department was able to make this happen sooner than anticipated. For this reason, renewal cards will no longer be mailed starting February 2, 2015. After renewing your license, you will be prompted to print your card when renewing. You will also receive an email with a PDF file for records. You can download as a PDF for printing, sending to your manager, and maintaining a file copy for your records. If audited, you must send in your CE verifications. A link will be sent to you after we receive the required documents. Please be aware that your pop-up blocker must be set to allow pop-ups from the NCRCB website. Since everyone does not have an email, please let your co-workers know about the change.

Public Notice:
In the 2013 legislative session, the General Assembly enacted Session Law 2013-413.  This law established G.S. § 150B-21.3A, “Periodic Review and Expiration of Existing Rules.”  This statute requires the Rules Review Commission (“Commission”) to establish a process and schedule for those covered agencies to ensure compliance with the law. This schedule and process requires agencies to review all of their active rules codified in the NC Administrative Code (“the Code”) every 10 years. 

21 NCAC 61 - NC Respiratory Care Board (Posted October 25, 2014) rules review began October 31, 2015 after the Board approved the existing rules on October 9, 2014. Comments shall be directed to William Croft, Executive Director, 125 Edinburgh South, Suite 100, Cary, NC 27511 or bcroft@ncrcb.org.

Comment period: October 31, 2014 - December 31, 2014. Scheduled month and year for RRC review: June 2015  

Notice: Please Keep your email address up to date. The NCRCB will use your email address as the primary source of providing you with information including your license renewal reminder.

Notice: To Individuals with military training in Respiratory Care and their spouses please click here and review the approved requirements per the NC General Statute 93B-15.1  

Latest News

News from the January 8, 2015 Board Meeting

Posted: 1/16/2015 2:27:00 PM

The North Carolina Respiratory Care Board met on January 8, 2015.  The following agenda items were approved from committee recommendations:

1)  An interpretive letter for hyperbaric chamber operators working under the supervision of a nationally certified technician (CHT) based on a request from Tommy Honeycutt from Gracie Hope Hyperbarics.

2) Two amendments to the ECMO Declaratory Ruling based on requests from Jhaymie Cappiello MS RRT-ACCS RCP, Education Director at DUMC and Cheryl Adams, MS, RRT, AE-C at Carolinas Healthcare:

a) There will now be requirements for ACLS, PALS and NRP credentialing based on the RCP’s patient population.

b) There is scope of practice outlined for ECMO specialist providing continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) within approved hospital policies and protocols.

3) An interpretive letter regarding the scope of practice for RCP’s authorizing medication refills when utilizing a physician ordered protocol while working in physician offices based on a request from Joy Key, RN, BSN, CPHRM, Patient Safety Manager at Cornerstone Health. 

4) An Adhoc Committee on Patient Education to develop advance practice endorsement guidelines for a Pulmonary Disease Patient Educator based on a request from Terrie Ray, RRT, BSRT.

5)  The requirements for preceptor documentation for CE credit and place the requirements in the FAQ section of the website.

6)  The Review of Existing Rules Report to be submitted to the NC Rules Commission.

From the business portion of the meeting:

1) House Bill 285 for the new legislative session was approved

2) A change in policy to add a per diem for Investigative and Informal Settlement Committee members, who are non-board members, was approved.

3) A change in policy to allow licensees to print their renewal cards was approved.

4) A request to reinstate RCA’s was denied. 

News from the October 9, 2014 Board Meeting

Posted: 11/6/2014 3:15:00 PM

The North Carolina Respiratory Care Board met on October 31, 2014 and approved the Board Rule change for 21 NCAC 61.0401, Continuing Education Requirements For License Holders. Once this final rule is approved by the Rules Review Commission, Licensee’s completing all of their CE requirements prior to January 1, 2015 will be evaluated using the current rule regardless of the renewal month. Any CE’s taken after January 1st will need to be evaluated for compliance with the amended rule. 

The North Carolina Respiratory Care Board met on October 9, 2014. the following items were approved.

The following items were approved.

1) A position statement on Social Media.

2) New FAQ’s for unlicensed individuals, sexual harassment, and the continuing education requirements.

3) A request from Charles Bangley, RCP and Karl Kaminiski, RCP concerning the Board’s Declaratory Ruling on Ground Transport to amend the ruling.

4) A request from Terry Smith, RCP concerning RCP’s using chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinses for VAP patients. The Board approved that an interpretive letter be issued to indicate that chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinses for VAP patients are within the RCP scope of practice to use and can be ordered by RCP’s within established hospital policies, procedures, and protocol for VAP/VAE prevention pending approval from the Board Chair. 

5) Lapsed NBRC credential consent order. RCP’s who allow their credentials to expire will receive an automatic $100 civil penalty with suspension. If the individuals, once they receive the consent order, comply with the directions in the consent order within 30 days then the Board will waive the suspension and the $100 civil penalty. 

6) The rule review report required by state statute. The rules will be revaluated after the sixty day public comment.

7) A new policy of records retention and adopted the state guidelines presented to the Board based on N.C. Administrative Code, Title 7, Chapter 4, Subchapter M, Section 500 for schedule of retention and disposition of records. 

8) A Military Guidance Document for the website that provides licensing instructions for the military and their spouses in North Carolina. 

The board also addressed:

1) A request from Karen Bartles, RCP at Alamance Regional Medical Center, regarding wound care and hyperbaric therapy. An interpretative letter that wound care is not within the scope of practice of an RCP unless the RCP has the hyperbaric technician credential and has competencies demonstrated as within the policies, procedures, and protocol of that institution and are following a physician’s orders then the RCP may provide wound care pending approval from the Board Chair.

2) The documentation procedure developed for Advanced Practice Registration.  The documents were reviewed.  January 1, 2015 will be the implementation date. 

3) A request from Steve Pinyan, RRT RCP from Nash Healthcare Systems, regarding RCP’s assisting a physician by inserting the bronchoscope and controlling the scope while the physician performs the tracheotomy was tabled for more information.

Online Services

CLICK LOGIN to enter our online services system to complete the following services: Update your address, practice site, phone number and email address, Request (Certification) Verification of your RCP license to another state, Request a Replacement Licensure Card, Request a Name Change and a new License Card. Online services also includes Application for a RCP license and an online Complaint Form.

Notice: RCP's must maintain their NBRC credentials in order to maintain their RCP license.

NOTICE: You may renew online only during the month your license expires. Reminder- 21 NCAC 61 .0501 requires the RCP to notify the Board within 30 days of any change in address and/or change in practice site.