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Please take notice that the North Carolina Respiratory Care Board has canceled the SPECIAL MEETING of the Board on October 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM to discuss 21 NCAC 61.0401, Continuing Education Requirements For License Holders. The meeting will take place on a later date for the North Carolina Respiratory Care Board located at 125 Edinburgh South, Suite 100 in Cary, NC 27511

For further information about the meeting, please contact:

William Croft PhD, RRT, RCP
Executive Director
North Carolina Respiratory Care Board
125 Edinburgh South, Suite 100 Cary, NC 27511
(919) 878-5595


A Public Hearing was held on September 4, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST at 125 Edinburgh South Drive, Suite 100 in Cary, NC 27511. The purpose of the Public Hearing was to receive public comments concerning proposed Rule changes published in the NC Register, Volume 29, Issue 04, August 15th, 2014 on pages ­­­­­421-423 for:

21 NCAC 61.0401, Continuing Education Requirements For License Holders, is proposed for amendment to require those licensees that elect to complete 12 hours or more of approved continuing education to have at least 6 hours of the continuing education from workshops, panel, seminars, lectures, or symposiums that provide for direct interaction between the speakers and the participants. The Board believes that face to face instruction will improve the licensee’s practice of respiratory care. The proposed changes allow for continuing education credit for those licensees that provide clinical instruction for respiratory care students. The proposed changes are also needed due to examination changes at the National Board for Respiratory Care. Click OSMB Review to view the OSMB report.

You may also submit written comments to Dr. Bill Croft at 125 Edinburgh South Drive, Suite 100 in Cary, NC 27511 or by email at bcroft@ncrcb.org. Written comment period ends October 14, 2014 at 5:00 PM. 

Notice: Please Keep your email address up to date. The NCRCB will use your email address as the primary source of providing you with information including your license renewal reminder.

Notice: To Individuals with military training in Respiratory Care and their spouses please click here and review the approved requirements per the NC General Statute 93B-15.1  

Latest News

New Office Location

Posted: 8/20/2014 9:54:00 AM

The North Carolina Respiratory Care Board will be moving to 125 Edinburgh South Drive, Suite 100 in Cary, NC 27511 in September of 2014. All meetings starting in September will be held at this location. Phone and fax numbers, and email will remain the same. 

News From the July 10, 2014 Board Meeting

Posted: 7/11/2014 10:55:00 AM

The Board announced the appointment of Kathy Short, RCP who replaces Dan Grady, RCP effective July 1, 2014. 

The Board re-elected Officers for 2014:
   Board Chair- Larry Simpson, RCP
   Vice Chair- Joseph Coyle, MD
   Secretary- Robin Ross, RCP
   Treasurer- Kathy Short, RN, RCP

The Board approved the Declaratory Ruling on Ground Ambulance Transport requested by Charles Bangley, RCP.

The Board approved the Declaratory Ruling on Advanced Practice Registration requested by Robert Williams, RCP. This ruling requires RCP's to register with the board if they perform any of the procedures outlined in the ruling.

The Board approved a recommendation from the Education Committee for an admendment to 21 NCAC 61 .0401. Please note the rules process takes six to nine months if approved by the NC Rules Commission. Updates will be provided each quarter.
The Board directed the Ethics Committee to investigate social media concerns related to the practice of respiratory care.


The board approved a new policy for the RCP Refresher course. The most significant change to the policy includes a requirement that all applicants must pass the NBRC Therapist Multiple-Choice Examination at the CRT threshold established by the NBRC before completing the laboratory skills portion. After the first year of employment, the licensed RCP must provide skills documentation from their supervisor prior to their licensing renewal. This may be completed using the hospitals evaluation documentation format.   


The board announced that Floyd E Boyer, BS, RCP will retire as NC Respiratory Care Board (NCRCB) Executive Director on July 31st, 2014 after 13 years’ of service to the board and with over 40 years of distinguished service to the respiratory care profession in NC. Floyd has been involved at every level of the profession. He has worked in hospitals, homecare, and education. Prior to becoming the Executive Director, Floyd served as a board member; however, he had also been instrumental in the efforts to achieve licensing, which took nearly 20 years of effort by many therapists in the state.  In 1992, he was named the NC Respiratory Care Practitioner of the Year. He has also been honored with a lifetime membership in the NCSRC. Under his leadership with NCRCB, he has been able to facilitate advancements in the practice of respiratory care to help fulfill the charge of the NCRCB, which is to protect the public from the unqualified practice of respiratory care and from unprofessional conduct by persons licensed by NC. These advancements have strengthened the standards to ensure the board can complete its mission on a daily basis. Under his leadership, the board is one of the most efficient licensing boards in the state. He has also distinguished himself by representing NC on the national level with other state respiratory care boards looking to NC for guidance. The board presented him with the title of Executive Director Emeritus along with a plaque commemorating his service. Governor Pat McCrory also sent a letter acknowledging his service to the state and the board.

The Board welcomed the new Executive Director, William L. Croft, PhD, RRT, RCP effective August 1st, 2014, who will replace Mr. Boyer.



Online Services

CLICK LOGIN to enter our online services system to complete the following services: Update your address, practice site, phone number and email address, Request (Certification) Verification of your RCP license to another state, Request a Replacement Licensure Card, Request a Name Change and a new License Card. Online services also includes Application for a RCP license and an online Complaint Form.

Notice: RCP's must maintain their NBRC credentials in order to maintain their RCP license.

NOTICE: You may renew online only during the month your license expires. Reminder- 21 NCAC 61 .0501 requires the RCP to notify the Board within 30 days of any change in address and/or change in practice site.